Why your hair is weak: 5 errors of care for the scalp

We all care for our hair , but often the result is far from what we want. What is the reason? The most common mistake most girls is , that they forget to keep track of the scalp , and in fact it affects the quality of hair , it is the cornerstone. We talked with the doctor-trichologist and found out about an important problem, everyone!

Scalp , as facial skin , subjected to aging: in the dermis decreases collagen synthesis , decreases the concentration of hyaluronic acid , slowing metabolism. The deterioration of its elasticity , moisture and nutrition will certainly affect the condition of the hair follicles and , as a result, the appearance of the hair. So , the scalp , as well as the skin of the face , requires regular nutrition and hydration. What are you doing wrong?

1. Wrong shampooing

There is one simple rule , which many women do not comply: shampoo selected as a skin head , air-conditioning – on hair type. This means , that you can use the shampoo and cosmetic lines from different , if , for example , the scalp is oily enough and requires thorough cleaning , and the tips are very dry.

2. Do not use special serum for the scalp

To care for the scalp directly, using a mask and other washable products is practically meaningless. Choose serums , lotions and gels that are applied to the root zone and affect the hair follicles. Most of these funds don’t require rinsing , and meaning , and the effect of their use is much higher.

3. Not enough to clean the scalp

Do I need to clean the scalp? Of course! One shampoo here you will not manage , need, and peels. Due to this purification, the metabolic processes in the skin are activated , the access of therapeutic and nutrients is facilitated. Can be used as the abrasive , and on the basis acid – glycolic and ( or) salicylic , AHA- acids. It is better to pick up any ( especially acidic) peeling with a doctor: everyone’s scalp is different. Trichologist recommend the drug with the right concentration of acids , teach and apply it to tell , how much time should be kept peeling of the skin.

4. Choose a shampoo with synthetic silicones.

A large number of hair care products contains silicones. Any word on the label with the ending ” -kon” means the presence of one or another form of silicone in the composition. These substances have gained unkind fame: they accumulate , make the hair heavier , and, moreover, do not wash well.
However, not all types of silicones have just such an effect. For example , organosilicones, hybrids of silicone and organic compounds ( for example , silicone betaines) are incredibly popular in modern media . They created a thin film on the surface of the hair , which not only smoothes out the hair relief and gives shine to the curls , but also protects them from aggressive external factors , in particular , from the impact of a hair dryer , ironing or curling. In addition , organosilicones are easily washed off , not accumulating on the hair and scalp.

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5. Hair loss – a reason to go to the doctor

If you think that you are properly caring for the scalp , and your hair still falls out, this is a reason not to be lazy and get tested. If you come to the reception to trichologist , be prepared for the fact , that the doctor may refer to other specialists. It’s no secret , that the condition of the hair – overall health indicator.
For example , hair loss may be the result of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract , thyroid function , hormonal disruptions , intoxication , chronic deficiency of trace elements , not to mention stress. So you may need to consult an endocrinologist , a gynecologist , an ultrasound scan , a blood test for hormones and a biochemical blood test. But you shouldn’t be sorry for your time , because what could be more important than health and , as a result , beauty?