What’s the best Michelin tire for Sedan?

According to Tire Dealer Sites they have rated that Michelin as one of the best brands for tires and it’s really known in the market. Since they are making many types of tires, I want to know what’s the best Michelin tire for Sedan. I always want to get the best for my sedan since most of the time, I use it for going out with friends. I’ve asked my friends and many people on what they think, and I also did research about this just to make sure to get the best. You can read the details below of the Michelin tire I found and maybe it will be a fit for your Sedan as well.

Out of all the Michelin tires for Sedan, I found the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+. It is the newest member of the Michelin Pilot Sport family. It is now receiving much attention and getting different reviews and tests from many people. I tried it first on a dry road and then wet road, and honestly, it has great traction. So, you can drive relaxed without thinking that your car will slip especially when raining.

I’m glad it still has the Helio+ compound (well it won’t be on the pilot sport if it doesn’t have, right?) but now with the biting tread edges, making the snow traction 28% much better than the last version. Let’s not forget the Variable Contact Patch 3.0 that helps lessen the heat malformation. Plus, the added asymmetric tread pattern that gives additional cornering grip while you’re adding speed. You will still feel in control of the tires because of these amazing features but we’re not done yet. There are still some features that I will tell you to give you more idea of how cool these tires are.

Other than the three features I already mentioned, these tires also have large circumferential sipes, variable thickness sipes, and high silica tread compound. This will give your car better braking, acceleration, and wet traction. If you will ask me about the mile warranty, it says it will be up to 45,000. If ever I got beyond the stated mile warranty, I’ll make sure to share it as well. So, right now you will definitely feel relaxed while driving knowing that you have good tires on your wheels.

Overall, this is the best Michelin tire for my sedan right now. I’m sure there are new upgraded versions that will be created but as of the moment, I’m enjoying the feeling it gives when I drive. If you are like me who loves to ride fast (who wants to be a race car driver) then you will love these tires and for me, its worth it even though a bit pricey. I’m excited to see how long I will be using these tires and if the quality will still be the same after thousands of miles.