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Tourist Information about Paraty - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Paraty offers travellers and backpackers alternatives for all interests. From adventure activities to carnival partying, from the worldwide famous literary festival to the wonderful natural attractions, the cane liquor fest ("Festival da Pinga") to exploring the Gold Road, Paraty is the place to be.

The authentic colonial beach town of Paraty is a history museum set in a tropical paradise surrounded by beaches and beautiful islands. Paraty has recently become a popular tourist destination and is recognized for the beauty of the colonial "historic center" of the city as well as the magnificence of its churches, islands, coasts and hills. The typical colonial architecture has been preserved and Paraty is candidate for a UNESCO world heritage nomination. All the buildings have kept their colonial charm, yet have been transformed into unique  "Pousadas" (Bed and Breakfast), shops, bars and restaurants. Only pedestrians are allowed inside the village in order to preserve the old coble stone streets, historic sites and the tranquil environment.

Paraty welcomes foreign and Brazilian tourists all year long - inviting them to bask in the beauty of the colonial town and its surroundings. During the day, it is the ideal place to relax on a delightful beach, splash around in a refreshing waterfall or take a peaceful boat ride thru the bay. In the evening, Paraty´s historic centre comes to life, offering its guests delicious dining options as well as tempting local watering holes serving up some of the tastiest caipirinhas (sugar cane drinks) in town. Don´t be surprised to catch a band performance, a capoiera demonstration or even a Carnival rehearsal near the main square - Paraty is full of  entertaining surprises!

Enjoy Parati!

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  • Sugar Cane Fest Sugar Cane Fest

    Have you ever been to the Festival da Pinga in Paraty? This festival, also called Cachaça, Culture and Flavours Festiv [+ info]

  • New Year New Year

    Paraty New Year - in Parati! The New Year's Eve is celebrated by Paratians in a very special way. New Year's Eve is considere [+ info]

  • Paraty History Paraty History

    Colonial World Heritage Paradoxically, the long stagnation process that Paraty underwent turned out axial in preserving the [+ info]

  • Paraty Gold Road Paraty Gold Road

    Obligatory visit point, in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the road connecting Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and [+ info]

  • Paraty Beaches Paraty Beaches

    The natives of Paraty said that simply to dive in the waters of the Paraty bays was able to cure any disease. And no wonder! [+ info]

  • Paraty Nightlife Paraty Nightlife

    In the Trindade region there are more than fifty well preserved beaches, some of them almost untouched by the hand of man. [+ info]

  • Trinidade Trinidade

    In the Trindade region there are more than fifty well preserved beaches, some of them almost untouched by the hand of man. [+ info]

  • Where to eat in Paraty Where to eat in Paraty

    Paraty boasts a variety of culinary delights ranging from home-style authentic brazilian food to fine cuisine French and Ital [+ info]

  • Where to shop in Paraty Where to shop in Paraty

    Looking for the perfect souvenir - look no further! Paraty is exploding with artistic flavour - you will find an eclectic mix [+ info]

  • Directions to Paraty Directions to Paraty

    Find out how to get to Paraty from Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo. [+ info]

  • Historic Centre Historic Centre

    Kept as a historical heritage, the Centre of Paraty is definitively a relic. [+ info]

  • Paraty Carnival Paraty Carnival

    While most of Carnival celebrations take place in the historic district of Paraty, there are plenty of other events on the lo [+ info]

  • Paraty International Literary Festival Paraty International Literary Festival

    In August 2003, Paraty International Literary Festival (FLIP) joined the select group of major international literary festiva [+ info]

  • Paraty em Foco Paraty em Foco

    The Paraty in Focus is one of the largest photography festivals in Brazil and a cultural initiative which provides a rich pro [+ info]

  • Paraty Latino International Music Festival Paraty Latino International Music Festival

    In the first edition of 2010, Paraty was already exited with great public and incredible critical reviews during the three ni [+ info]

  • Bourbon Jazz Festival Paraty Bourbon Jazz Festival Paraty

    The Bourbon Jazz Festival Paraty includes free live shows at the stage in Pontal in the Historic Centre of the historic town [+ info]