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Paraty Latino


International Music Festival -  Paraty Latino



Adding to FLIP (International Literary Feir of Paraty), Bourbon Jazz Festival Paraty and Paraty em Foco, the colonial city has one more festival, also promoted by Bourbon Street, with support of the Prefeitura. This time it's time for Latin music to take the advantage and enchant the city streets with performances and live music.


In the first edition of 2010, ParatyParaty was already exited with great public and incredible critical reviews during the three nights. Festival Paraty Latino continues to provide audiences with new editions with other international attractions that present different facets and musical rhythms of the musical universe. 

Paraty Events Calendar.

Previous editions of Paraty Latino

Paraty Latino 2011

From the latin rhythms of brazilian music and dance music from the Caribbean to the acustic music like Drexler, this year the festival will open the new Palco of Jazz at the square of Sta. Rita and will receive small shows at the time the sun goes down.


Friday 04/11     Palco da Matriz

20h30   Swami Jr Trio   + Harold Lopez-Nussa

22h00   Orquesta Buena Vista Social Clubº  + Omara Portuondo

23h30   Pedro La Colina +Cañaveral part. Pedro Bandera

Saturday 05/11

11h30 Sonora Caribe   En la Calle  every day

14h00  workshop   Harlod Lopez-Nussa  at Palco Sta.Rita

15h00  La Soleá  

Palco Sta. Rita

16h00  Harold Lopez-Nussa  +Swami Jr Trío   

17h30  Wanamuziki  part. Pedro Bandera  + Liander Lobo   

18h00  dance office   Cia de Dança  at: Quadra Matriz  

Palco da Matriz

20h00  Violentango  

21h30  Adriana Mezzadri  convida Jorge Pardo, Pilar De La Hoz e Jean Paul Strauss

23h00   Zeca Baleiro  part. Marina De La Riva  Baile do Baleiro   

Sunday  06/11

11h30  La Soleá  

14h00  Workshop  Swami Jr.  at: Cinerma

 Palco Santa Rita

16h00  La Soleá  

17h30  Pepe Cisneros  Cuba 07   

18h00  Dance office:  Cia de Dança  at: ilha das Cobras

 Palco da Matriz

20h00  Luis Perequé  

21h30  Paulinho Moska  +Lisandro Aristimuño   

23h00  Fernando Ferrer  part: Hanser Ferrer

Paraty Latino 2010

This is going to be a diverse music festival, wich will show various sides and rithms of the hughe musical universe of latinamerican music.   We will have the called Latin Jazz, Salsa, two Tango (modern and traditional), brazilian "Latin" music, two rithms from the Caribbean and a very intimate acustic... 


3/12 - Friday

21h30 - Yaniel Matos + part. Haydée Milanés

23h00 - Lyra Latina + Deldongo

4/12 - Saturday

20h00 - Marina De La Riva

21h30 - Otros Aires

23h00 - Havana Brasil+ Fernando Ferrer

5/12 - Sunday

19h30 - Paula Morelenbaum + João Donato

21h - Roberto Fonseca


Dance Office

A very interesting new addition will be the offices. They will be free and will begin starting 17h30, with dance teachers from the da Tribo company, with music by DJ´s.

Saturday 04/12 às 17h00

Sunday 05/12 às 16h30



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