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September 2014 in Paraty - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

September in Paraty: Paraty em Foco International Photography Festival

12ve to 14th of September  - Paraty Birds in Morro do Forte
- Duration: 2 days
- Event and Schedule in Facebook:
7th September - Brazil Independence Day: National Holiday commemorates the Independence of Brazil form the portuguese empire.
- Event and Schedule in Facebook:
12 to 15th September - Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows: Devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows comes from a tradition that counts the encounter between Mary and her son Jesus, on the way to Calvary. Seeing her beloved son carrying the heavy cross, tortured and suffered, crowned with thorns and bleeding, the pain of the Mother of God was so profound that even today makes us think about our own pain.
- Duration: 3 days
- Event and Schedule in Facebook:


17th to 21st September - Paraty in Focus: Internactional Photography Festival featuring workshops, expositions and shows all over Parati.
- Packages and Offers: Paraty Holidays Package
- Duration: 4 days
- Organisers and Event´s Official Website: Paraty Em Foco
- Event and Schedule in Facebook:
- Event Picture Gallery:


 26th to 28th of September - Paraty Latino - International Latin Music Festival: Latin Music under the stars featuring international shows for free.
- Packages and Offers: Paraty Holidays Package
- Duration: 3 days
- Event and Schedule in Facebook:  

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  • August August

    Caiçara Culture Meeting, Festival da Pinga (Sugar Cane Licquor Festival) Gold Road Day [+ info]

  • September September

    Our Lady of Remedies Feast, Marketing Copywriters Convention, Paraty em Foco Photography Festival, To Be Paraty [+ info]

  • October October

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  • November November

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Bloco da Lama

Bloco da Lama

(20 fotos)
Paraty Beaches

Paraty Beaches

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Paraty Colonial Historic Centre

Paraty Colonial Historic Centre

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