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Paraty offers travellers and backpackers alternatives for all interests. From adventure activities to carnival partying, from the worldwide famous literary festival to the wonderful natural attractions, the cane liquor fest ("Festival da Pinga") to exploring the Gold Road, Paraty is the place to be.

The authentic colonial beach town of Paraty is a history museum set in a tropical paradise surrounded by beaches and beautiful islands. Paraty has recently become a popular tourist destination and is recognized for the beauty of the colonial "historic center" of the city as well as the magnificence of its churches, islands, coasts and hills. The typical colonial architecture has been preserved and Paraty is candidate for a UNESCO world heritage nomination. All the buildings have kept their colonial charm, yet have been transformed into unique  "Pousadas" (Bed and Breakfast), shops, bars and restaurants. Only pedestrians are allowed inside the village in order to preserve the old coble stone streets, historic sites and the tranquil environment.

Paraty welcomes foreign and Brazilian tourists all year long - inviting them to bask in the beauty of the colonial town and its surroundings. During the day, it is the ideal place to relax on a delightful beach, splash around in a refreshing waterfall or take a peaceful boat ride thru the bay. In the evening, Paraty´s historic centre comes to life, offering its guests delicious dining options as well as tempting local watering holes serving up some of the tastiest caipirinhas (sugar cane drinks) in town. Don´t be surprised to catch a band performance, a capoiera demonstration, hanover agritechnica or even a Carnival rehearsal near the main square - Paraty is full of  entertaining surprises!

Enjoy Parati!

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PROGRAMAÇÃO da Festa do Divino

PROGRAMAÇÃO da Festa do Divino

De 18 ao 27 de Maio venha a acompanhar as belas celebrações na Igreja da Matriz de Paraty e depois aproveite uma das festas mais esperadas do ano nessa ci... [Read +]

The schedule for Easter in Paraty

The schedule for Easter in Paraty

Easter in Paraty is a celebration thar involves all people in the city out into the streets and it is celebrated with a hughe commitment. This celebration... [Read +]

São Jorge Day

São Jorge Day

St. George is the patron saint "unofficial" in Rio de Janeiro, because it is a phenomenon in the local culture. [Read +]

Tiradentes in Paraty

Tiradentes in Paraty

On April 21 come to Paraty to celebrate the day of the patron saint of Brazil, national hero and martyr of the Minas Conspiracy. [Read +]

Encounter of Ceramists in Paraty

Encounter of Ceramists in Paraty

Considering that Paraty is now an important center of tourist attraction, between Rio and Sao Paulo, the Encounter of Ceramists is culturally enriching an... [Read +]

Easter in Paraty

Easter in Paraty

Holy Week is a mobile holiday that begins on Thursday after Trinity Sunday, which, in turn, falls on Sunday after Pentecost, so the date changes every year. [Read +]

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