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Paraty International Literary Festival - FLIP

FLIP 2014: July 30th to August 3rd


Enjoy the pleasure of reading on paradise!


The FLIP, Paraty International Literature Festival, a unique opportunity to discover a different face of Paraty


In August 2003 the FLIP,  Paraty International Literature Festival joined the family of world literary festivals such as Hay-on-Wye, Adelaide, Harbourfront de Toronto, Festival de Berlin, Edinburg and Mantua. With the presence of worldwide acclaimed authors such as Julian Barnes, Don DeLillo, Eric Hobsbawm e Hanif Kureishi, the first FLIP stabilised a quality standard that has been kept in the following editions. In a short period, it has gained a name as one of the main literary festivals, acknowledged by the quality of the invited authors, the enthusiasm of its public and the laid back hospitality of its host town.


 The  has already received some of the great names of world literature such asSalman Rushdie, Ian McEwan, Martin Amis, Margaret Atwood, Paul Auster, Anthony Bourdain, Jonathan Coe, Jeffrey Eugenides, David Grossman, Lidia Jorge, Pierre Michon, Rosa Montero, Michael Ondaatje, Orhan Pamuk, Colm Toíbín, Enrique Vila-Matas, Jeanette Winterson, J. M. Coetzee and Marcello Fois.


Suassuna, Ana Maria Machado, Milton Hatoum, Millôr Fernandes, Ruy Castro, Ferreira Gullar, Luis Fernando Verissimo, Zuenir Ventura, Barbara Heliodora, Ruy Castro and Lygia Fagundes Telles. Also some of the icons of Brazilian culture such as Chico Buarque e Caetano Veloso have been invited. With an eclectic repertoire of guests including the English playwright Tom Stoppard, the psychoanalyst Elisabeth Roudinesco, the comic book writer Neil Gaiman or the Argentine script writer Lucrecia Martel.


Every year the FLIP pays tribute to a Brazilian author. The first edition, in 2003, celebrated the works of the poet and composer Vinicius de Moraes (1917-1980). João Guimarães Rosa (1908-1967) received tribute the following year. 2005 was the turn for Clarice Lispector (1920-1977), 2006 for the Bahian writer Jorge Amado (1912-2001), and 2007, of the journalist and playwright Nelson Rodrigues (1912-1980). In 2008, at the centenary of Machado de Assis?death (1839-1908) the FLIPcelebrated the famed Carioca writer.


Enjoy this and many more events in Paraty at the Chill Inn Eco-Suites Paraty. Surrounded by the magnificent Atlantic Rainforrest and just 5km away from Paraty's Historic Centre.


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Other things to do at FLIP


The Brazilian music, one of Brazils richest heritages cannot be missing at this celebration of culture. The opening shows were in charge of great musicians asChico Buarque, Paulinho da Viola, Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Mônica Salmaso, Adriana Calcanhoto & José Miguel Wisnik, Orquestra Imperial and Maria Bethânia.


 Although the main activities are held in the Tenda dos Autores (Authors Tent), and it is broadcasted live in the Tenda do Telão?(Screen Tent). The Literary Office focuses on emerging young writers, providing lectures and workshops dictated by great Brazilian and foreign authors. The is also a child programme the FLIPINHA- in which young Paraty students present their work and participate in workshops with invited authors. The success of the FLIP stimulated the development of a series of conferences, shows and book launchings called Off-FLIP.


Since its first edition, the growth of the FLIP is intimately linked to the life and needs of Paraty. Local artists, shop and restaurant owners welcome the FLIP which, in turn, keeps the local people actively involved. Because of all these, the FLIP outstands amongst many other literary events, contributing to the cheerful and warm atmosphere that has always defined this great festival.

Ediciones previas de la FLIP

FLIP 2009

The seventh edition of the Paraty Internacional Literature Festival (FLIP) will gather 34 authors from nine different countries and will homage Brazilian poet Manuel Bandeira.

At the FLIP 2009, from July 1st to July 5th, 34 authors will meet in Paraty to discuss poetry, sciences, literary criticism, musical criticism, Portuguese literature, history, narrative, comics and contemporary art. FLIP 2009 will host acclaimed writers such as Portuguese writer António Lobo Antunes, winner of the 2007 Camões Prize, English biologist Richard Dawkins, author of The God desilusion, British historian Simon Schama, musical critic Alex Ross, Anne Enright, Irsih winner of the 2007 Booker Prize, American Tobias Wolff, one of the most important living short story writers, French writer Grégoire Bouillier and Afgan Atiq Rahimi, 2008 Goncourt Prize winner. Chinese literature will join the FLIP with the presence of the writer Ma Jian and the journalist Xinran. Finally, famous Brazilian songwriter Chico Buarque will return to FLIP to talk about his last novel, Leite derramado 

FLIP 2010

 This year guest authors includes from comic book writers to ex-presidents. Among this, outstand; Brazilian ex-president and sociologist Fernando Henrique Cardoso, cartoonist Robert Crumb, novelist Salman Rushdie, Chilean novelist Isabel Allende, rocker, writer and photographer Lou Reed and literary critic Terry Eagleton. Other remarkable guests include Abraham B. Yehoshua, Azar Nafisi, Benjamin Moser, Colum McCann, Gilbert Shelton, Hermano Vianna, Lionel Shriver, Maria Lúcia Garcia Pallares-Burke, Peter Burke, Robert Darnton, Wendy Guerra, William Boyd and William Kennedy.

On its 8th edition, FLIP 2010 will include a homage to the Brazilian sociologist Gilberto Freyre. Due to the growing international role of Brazil and its election as host both of the 2014 Football World Cup and the 2016 Olympics, the FLIP will pay tribute to one of the authors that pioneered in the analysis of the origins of modern Brazilian society.


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